Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioner Cleaning in Red Deer
When you want to know that your air conditioning system will be working at peak performance, call Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd. for a professional air conditioner cleaning in Red Deer. Our technicians can thoroughly clean the accumulated dirt from the evaporator and coils. With the right equipment for high-pressure cold water washing, we can moderate the power washing to both protect the fins and coil bed on your unit while getting rid of the grime.

We are experienced in cleaning large commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, and welcome service calls to clean residential air conditioning units as well. Contact us to ask about an annual or one-time cleaning so you’ll be prepared for air conditioning season before it begins.

With Penney Steamers you can trust our fleet of well-maintained equipment

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With Penney Steamers & Vacuums Service Ltd., you have the option of having your equipment washed on-site, or you can always bring it to us and have it washed at our Red Deer washing facility.

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