Hydrovac Trucks

Hydrovac Trucks in Red Deer
Are you a homeowner or contractor preparing for new construction or renovations? Do you need to locate utility lines before you expand your facility? Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd. offers a range of hydrovac services throughout Central Alberta. Our fleet of hydrovac trucks in Red Deer will safely assist you with any excavation at residential, commercial, industrial or oil field sites. 

COR certified and equipped with our own hydrovac trucks in Red Deer, our technicians ensure the safety of your workers and the environment. Whether you must prevent dangerous contact with gas lines or need to prepare for new conduit, we offer hydrovac services that include:

  • Exposing buried hazards
  • Locating buried utilities
  • Exposing gas and pipe lines
  • Trenching

Do you need hydrovac services after hours or for an emergency excavation? You can call Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to request our hydrovac trucks in Red Deer.

With Penney Steamers you can trust our fleet of well-maintained equipment

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With Penney Steamers & Vacuums Service Ltd., you have the option of having your equipment washed on-site, or you can always bring it to us and have it washed at our Red Deer washing facility.

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