Cooler Cleaning

Cooler Cleaning in Red Deer
Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd. can help ensure your gas compressor coolers are cleaned in preparation for inspection or greater efficiency. Our experienced technicians work safety and have the cleaning technology to address any challenge. Our cooler cleaning for Red Deer and Central Alberta includes all air-cooled heat exchangers clogged with dirt, oil and debris. In addition to removing contaminants, we also employ environmentally friendly products and techniques.

We can also help you maintain your important machinery with heavy equipment engine radiator cleaning. We have the mobile steam trucks with high-pressure that give you clean radiators that overheat less.

Learn more about our cooler cleaning services. Contact us for information or to book a service call.

With Penney Steamers you can trust our fleet of well-maintained equipment

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With Penney Steamers & Vacuums Service Ltd., you have the option of having your equipment washed on-site, or you can always bring it to us and have it washed at our Red Deer washing facility.

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